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      Recently, a blogger's evaluation of Safeguard soap's fluorescent brighteners has sparked discussion, with many netizens concerned about the potential harm to the body.
      In response to this, Safeguard (one of the daily household brands of Procter & Gamble) stated that the formula of Safeguard Pure White soap contains a trace amount of colorant to adjust the soap's appearance, which does not have any impact on the skin when used normally.
      All products undergo rigorous safety evaluations and comprehensive testing before being launched, and they comply with the quality requirements of relevant laws and regulations in China. Therefore, they are qualified and legal products.
      As a brand that has been used by Chinese consumers for many years, many netizens also expressed their agreement with this response. They pointed out that fluorescent brighteners are not used for color adjustment but for whitening purposes. As long as the soap is used normally, it will not have any impact on the skin. However, some netizens raised concerns about the residual fluorescent brighteners on the skin after washing, which may discourage them from further using the product.
      Some netizens also expressed that trace amounts of fluorescent brighteners should not be a major concern and advised against being influenced by rumors.
      According to a survey report published by the International Food Packaging Association, medical clinical experiments have shown that once fluorescent substances enter the human body, they may cause harm and potentially lead to cell mutations and become a potential risk factor for carcinogenesis when the dosage reaches a certain level.


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