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      In recent years, the phenomenon of lifelong singlehood and childlessness has been increasing in some countries and regions, drawing significant attention. Experts point out that this situation needs to be given sufficient attention because, in addition to affecting individuals, it may also have negative impacts on society as a whole.
      Firstly, the phenomenon of lifelong singlehood and childlessness can lead to personal psychological issues. When an individual remains single for a long period of time and does not consider parenthood, they may experience feelings of loneliness and disillusionment. Additionally, there may be the development of sexual and psychological disorders such as depression, which not only affect the individuals themselves but also have the potential to impact their families and social circles.
      Secondly, lifelong singlehood and childlessness can have negative implications for society as a whole. In some countries and regions, the birth rate has been gradually declining, which can result in an aging population and socio-economic challenges. If more people choose to remain lifelong singles without having children, this trend may become even more severe. As members of society, we need to consider future development, especially in terms of population and economy. Therefore, we should pay sufficient attention to this situation.
      So, how should we respond to this phenomenon? Firstly, we need to pay more attention to the single population, ensuring their integration into society and providing them with support and care. Simultaneously, we should offer more choices and support for those who are unable to conceive naturally, such as providing reliable surrogacy and adoption mechanisms, as well as implementing policies that alleviate the costs associated with parenthood. Furthermore, it is crucial to guide young people to recognize the importance of marriage and family and provide effective education and marriage services.
      In conclusion, the phenomenon of lifelong singlehood and childlessness requires significant attention, not only for individuals but also for the overall development of society. We need to find effective ways to address this situation and provide more attention and support to the single population and those who are unable to conceive naturally. Only then can we build a more harmonious, healthy, and progressive society.


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