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      高校名稱的英文翻譯——從外國語大學英譯談起近日,我國名為外國語大學的英文翻譯引起了人們的熱烈討論。例如北京外國語大學和上海外國語大... [查看全文]


      在人們的普遍印象中,下午茶可以算是英國最為典型的傳統習俗之一。而下午茶在英國的確由來已久,其歷史大約可追溯到200多年前。英國下午茶... [查看全文]


      看看美國高校的古怪課程College courses aren't allEcon 1011andThe History of Europe:1500-Present.A trend among many... [查看全文]


      法官的假發是用來嚇人的A centuries-old tradition of wearing a white horse-hair wig in court ended for many judges wh... [查看全文]

      2022-03-13Love of American Style 美式愛情

      Love of American Style 美式愛情An old song says thatlove makes the world go around.If you watch Americans on Va... [查看全文]

      2022-03-12Time 美國人的時間觀

      Time 美國人的時間觀What is time? Is it a thing to be saved or spent or wasted,like money? Or is it something ... [查看全文]


      為什么喝酒前要碰杯呢?Q: Why do people clink their glasses before drinking a toast?Q: 為什么喝酒時要碰杯?A: It used ... [查看全文]


      海外文化:什么是打開和服Open the Kimonomeans revealing the inner workings of a project or company to a prospective ... [查看全文]


      Etiquette of afternoon tea下午茶禮儀As with everything, a particular etiquette is associated with afternoon tea. Her... [查看全文]

      2022-03-08Wedding custom around the world 世界各地婚俗

      Wedding custom around the world 世界各地婚俗Belgium: The bride may still embroider her name on her handkerchief, ... [查看全文]

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