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      信息匹配第三套: The start of high school doesn’ t have to be stressful 36.[E]In addition, studies find the fir... [查看全文]


      信息匹配第二套: Science of setbacks:How failure can improve career prospects 36.[G]One straightforward reason close los... [查看全文]


      信息匹配第一套: What happens when a language has no words for numbers? 36.[E] It is worth stressing that these... [查看全文]


      仔細閱讀第三套: Boredom has become trendy. Studies point to how boredom is good for creativity ... 46.A) It facil... [查看全文]


      仔細閱讀第二套: Sugar shocked. That describes the reaction of many Americans this week following revalations that, .... [查看全文]


      仔細閱讀第一套: Educators and business leaders have more in commorn than it may seem… 46.C) They help students acq... [查看全文]


      1.A) See the Pope. 2.D) He ended up in the wrong place. 3.C) Glasgow has pledged to take the lead in reducing... [查看全文]


      1.B) Send him to an after-school art class. 2.A) Contacted Joe to decorate its dining-room. 3.A) Get her pet do... [查看全文]


      Passage 3 In cold and snowy Alaska, there's a village called Talkeetna. It has a population of a mere forty-nin... [查看全文]


      Passage 2 A pair of entrepreneurs are planning to build and launch a spacecraft that would carry and roast cof... [查看全文]

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