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      Letters Live丨英國版《見字如面》——彼得讀信:大衛鮑伊給粉絲的信(2)

      所屬教程:Letters Live



      《Letters Live》(見信如晤) ,又稱英國版《見字如面》。節目邀請音樂、影視、文藝界的名人,如卷福、抖森等,現場朗讀近一個世紀以來令人難忘的書信。以下是Letters Live丨英國版《見字如面》——彼得讀信:大衛鮑伊給粉絲的信(2)的資料,希望對你有所幫助!


      In answer to your questions, my real name is David Jones and I don't have to tell you why I changed it. "Nobody's going to make a monkey out of you" said my manager. My birthday is January 8th and I guess I'm 5'10". There is a Fan Club here in England, but if things go well in the States then we'll have one there I suppose. It's a little early to even think about it.



      I hope one day to get to America. My manager tells me lots about it as he has been there many times with other acts he manages. I was watching an old film on TV the other night called "No Down Payment" a great film, but rather depressing if it is a true reflection of The American Way Of Life. However, shortly after that they showed a doc*mentary about Robert Frost the American poet, filmed mainly at his home in Vermont, and that evened the score. I am sure that that is nearer the real America. I made my first movie last week. Just a fifteen minutes short, but it gave me some good experience for a full length deal I have starting in January.

      希望有一天能去美國。經紀人跟我說了很多,因為他已經和他手下的其他演員合作過很多次。前幾天晚上,我在電視上看了一部老電影,名字叫《沒有首付》(No Down Payment)。一部很棒的電影,不過如果電影反映的美國人的生活方式是真的,那就太令人沮喪了。然而,此后不久,他們放映了一部關于美國詩人羅伯特·弗羅斯特的紀錄片,主要在他佛蒙特州的家中取景。我相信這更貼近美國人的真實生活。上周,我拍了自己的第一部電影。雖然只是個15分鐘的短片,但是讓我有了一些不錯的經驗,讓我可以在1月份開始一份(完整的)電影合約。

      Thank you for being so kind as to write to me and do please write again and let me know some more about yourself.


      Yours sincerely,


      David Bowie




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