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      外研社一年級英語上冊說課稿Module 10 Unit 2《That is his car》





      外研社一年級英語上冊教案設計Module 10 Unit 2《That is his car》


        1.復習father, mother, grandpa, grandma, sister, brother, friend等單詞。并學習新單詞 his, her, car 等。并能理解它們的意義和用法。


        3.正確理解課文, 掌握對話內容。能流利地朗讀, 并初步表演對話。



        1.    重點:熟練掌握father, mother, grandpa, grandma, sister, brother, friend等單詞。能理his, her, my, your 的意義和用法。

        2.    難點:能聽懂、會說、會讀以下句子:That is my father. That is his/her…



        1.    課前準備:調試光盤與課件、給學生分組、為學生布置預習作業等。

        2.    教具學具:光盤、大卡片等。


        Step1  Warmer

        1. 教師讓學生們唱一唱。

        T: Good morning, children.  Ss: Good morning, Miss Ji.

        T: First let‘s sing a chant.    Ss: (sing the chant)….

        2. 學生唱。

        Ooh, ooh! That is a cat!

        Hey, hey! That is a desk.

        Aah, aah! That is a bag!

        Step2 Review the words.

        1. 教師說我們要玩一個游戲:“火眼金睛”。如果你會讀這個單詞就快速站起來搶答吧。

        T: Let’s play a game. If you can read the word, please stand up and say quickly. Are you ready? Let‘s go!

        Ss: mother, brother…

        2. 游戲開始,學生搶答。

        T: Read them together. Then we’ll play the game 1,2,3,bong (炸彈游戲)。

        Ss: ( Read together)

        Step3: Review the patterns.

        1. 教師告訴學生我們將迎來兩位新朋友,引入問題。

        T: Today we‘ll have two new friends. Look, they are coming. And let’s guess what does he\she bring.

        2. 學生猜測問題答案。

        Ss: (guessing) That is his\her……(畫面滾動出現,孩子們爭先恐后去猜,直到猜對為止。)

        That is his car. That is his ball.

        That is her bag. That is her desk.

        T: Look at the new chant. Let‘s try together.

        Step4. The text.

        1. 教師告訴學生現在要正式學習課文了。并提出讓學生們看課文,完成小組內角色扮演。

        T: Now let’s read the text.

        T: This time, be Amy or Daming. Introduce your family and their things in your group. (小組合作,完成角色扮演)


        Ss: ( Act out the text)

        Step5: Consolidation

        1. 教師利用教學卡片,帶領學生鞏固復習。

        T: Look, what ‘s this?(出示物品)

        Ss: ball, pencil-case, eraser, box, book, pencil.

        2. 教師讓學生們組內互相做練習,出示自己的物品問組員這是什么。

        T: Now, you’ll be a little steward. You can distribute the things to the members in your groups. And you can also distribute your own things to them. (小管家,分東西)Three minutes for you.

        T: Which group wants to show?

        Ss: ……

        Step 6: Summary

        1. 教師帶領學生復習今天所學單詞及句子。并帶讀。

        T: Today we review some words and some useful sentences. Let‘s read them together.

        Ss: ……

        Step 7: Homework.


        1. 朗讀單詞

        2. 背誦對話。

        T: Homework for today. 1. Read the words of Module 10.( on page 67)

        2. Recite the text.


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