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      2023年03月01日 Presley Gerber 坦誠地談論他的抑郁癥、心理健康和“錯誤”





      Presley Gerber Gets Candid on His Depression, Mental Health and “Mistakes”
      Presley Gerber 坦誠地談論他的抑郁癥、心理健康和“錯誤”

      Presley Gerber reflected on his depression and how he hopes to help "one person or a hundred people" going through similar experiences.
      Presley Gerber is candidly speaking about mental health.
      Presley Gerber 坦率地談論心理健康。
      The model—who is the son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber—recently shared his experiences with depression, as well as the mental health initiatives he hopes to create.
      這位模特是辛迪·克勞馥 (Cindy Crawford) 和蘭德·格柏 (Rande Gerber) 的兒子,最近分享了他患抑郁癥的經歷,以及他希望發起的心理健康倡議。
      "So, for me and having struggled with mental health, depression and some other things that come along with that, I think that whether I help one person or a hundred people get out of that place that I was in at one point in my life, that's all I need to do," the 23-year-old said Feb. 28 on the Studio 22 podcast. "I've definitely had a lot of experiences. I've had a lot of deep dives, a lot vacations and a lot of time to look into myself and learn about myself with therapists."
      “所以,對我來說,在與心理健康、抑郁癥和其他一些隨之而來的事情作斗爭之后,我認為無論是幫助一個人還是一百個人擺脫我生命中某一時刻所處的困境,這就是我需要做的,”這位 23 歲的年輕人 2 月 28 日在 Studio 22 播客上說。 “我肯定有很多經驗。我有很多深潛,很多假期和很多時間來審視自己并與治療師一起了解自己。”
      Gerber recalled being 17 years old and recording music in a studio because he "wanted an outlet" to "share some of my experiences with some people." He's also "thought of literal clothing brands revolving around mental health" as a way to raise awareness.
      格伯回憶說,他 17 歲時在錄音室錄制音樂,因為他“想要一個出口”來“與一些人分享我的一些經歷”。他還“認為真正的服裝品牌圍繞心理健康展開”,以此作為提高認識的一種方式。
      "It is such a big part of my life. It's a 24/7 job, and there's so much to it," Gerber continued. "That really what I want to do—help people, whether you're depressed, you're struggling with something that is having a negative effect on your body. I mean it could be anything, and there's no judgment."
      “這是我生活中很重要的一部分。這是一份 24/7 的工作,而且有很多內容,”格柏繼續說道。 “這真的是我想做的事——幫助別人,不管你是抑郁癥,還是正在與對你身體有負面影響的事情作斗爭。我的意思是它可以是任何東西,而且沒有判斷力。”
      His passion also stems from the hard lessons he's learned along the way, which he hopes to share with others.
      "I've seen a lot of stuff and I've learned a lot of things," Gerber noted. "What I hope I can do is have made the mistakes for other people, so they don't have to make the same mistakes that I made.
      “我看到了很多東西,也學到了很多東西,”格伯說。 “我希望我能做的是為其他人犯過錯誤,這樣他們就不必犯我犯過的同樣錯誤。
      As he takes on 2023, Gerber—who is also working on obtaining his real estate license—is looking to dive "into mental health and the community around it, because I feel like it should be talked about a lot more than it is."
      在 2023 年,同樣在努力獲得房地產許可證的 Gerber 正在尋求“深入研究心理健康及其周圍的社區,因為我覺得應該更多地談論它。”
      So far, he's drafting out a project called Mental Health Mondays, that'll "probably" be broadcasted on Instagram. The concept entails talking to professionals who've assisted him in his own journey, such as his trainer that "worked with me to help boost my endorphins when I was going through a depressive phase." He's also planning to open up more about his "treatments" and what "green flags and red flags to look for."
      到目前為止,他正在起草一個名為“心理健康星期一”的項目,該項目“可能”會在 Instagram 上播出。這個概念需要與在他自己的旅程中幫助過他的專業人士交談,例如他的教練“在我經歷抑郁階段時與我一起工作以幫助提高我的內啡肽。”他還計劃公開更多關于他的“治療”以及“要尋找的綠旗和紅旗”的信息。
      Overall, Gerber—whose sister is model Kaia Gerber—reflected on how the project is "really what's getting me going."
      總的來說,Gerber(她的姐姐是模特 Kaia Gerber)反思了這個項目是如何“真正推動我前進的”。
      "That's what's getting me out of bed these days," he said, "is that hope that I've made the mistakes for a lot of people. If they're like me, well, then they're going to want to do it the hard way. But if they want to listen, then I could save them a lot of hardship and a lot of struggling."


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