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        最重點母題:The intertwined relation between the past, the present and the future

        一句提點:Under this theme, we are to discuss the path to a better development, the influence of the past and whether today’s achievements are positive.

        The rapid growth of cities in today's world is a mostly positive development for the society.

        Although new technology and science will continue to advance and improve people’s life, the most significant improvement has been made.

        Improving schools is the most important factor in the successful development of a country.

        To solve the present and future problems, it is necessary to understand the past.

        The most important problem that affects the society today will be solved during my life time.

        Working at home using computers or telephones is better than working in the office.

        The environmental issues are too complicated to be handled by individual.

        最重點母題—The power of fame!

        一句提點:Think about this! Is fame all powerful?

        Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now.

        Professional athletes, such football and basketball players, do not deserve the high salaries that they are paid.

        最重點母題—The things we do with technology.

        一句提點:Technology is double-bladed. There, however, is no doubt that it is a sharp one!

        Technology makes people's lives simpler rather than makes people's lives more complicated.

        Technology has made children less creative than children were in the past.

        If you need to discuss upsetting or controversial problems with others, will you use e-mail/text messaging OR use telephone/voice-messaging.

        Scientists should be responsible for the negative impact that is brought by their discoveries or inventions.

        The telephone has greater influence on people’s lives than television has.

        Printed books have greater effects on society than television has.

        Cars have had a greater effects on society than airplanes.

        最重點母題—What should the government do?

        一句提點:We live as individual. However, only as individual we cannot live. We are, no matter how much freedom we enjoy or how much independence we have gain, under the controlling influence of a governing unite. We must, for the purpose of survival, obey its ruling. Or on the contrary, it should exist for our sake. The one who rules and the ones who are ruled, are, as inscribed on the monument of Thomas Jefferson, granted by god the same rights. And the same rights with no beyond.

        It is more important for the government to improve internet access rather than spending more on public transportation.

        It is more important for the government to construct new buildings than to preserve historic or traditional ones.

        Should the government support artists and art programs?(very important!)

        It's more important for the government to build art museums and music performance center than to build recreational facilities (such as swimming pool, playgrounds).

        It is important for the government to protect wild animals and the wildness for future generations.

        The best way to reduce air pollution is for the government to raise the cost of fuel (petrol).

        最重點母題—Where knowledge is determined?

        一句提點:Information is power. It may be perceived by seeing, may be challenged by feeling; and it may be preserved by learning. Knowledge is what defines us as man, and separate us from the unlearned.

        It is important to know about what is happening around the world, even if it does not affect your personal lives.

        Newspapers and magazines are the best ways to learn about a foreign country.

        Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country.(very important!)

        In order to become well-informed, one has to get information from different news resources.

        Which source is more dependable for news, TV or newspapers?

        最重點母題—How to be a better person?

        一句提點:As long as time goes by, we, as human beings, will continue seeking for self-improvement. We have, as we will, found the ways to better our life. So, let us discuss the various approaches to fill our days with pride and joy!

        For better relaxation:

        People should take time to relax with hobbies or physical activities that are distinct from their profession.

        The best way to truly relax and reduce stress is to spend time alone.

        It is better to relax by watching a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercise.

        Does spending much time on watching sports on TV has a negative influence on people?

        People benefit more from traveling in their own country than traveling in a foreign country.

        For celebrations, it is better to organize parties to which only the inner circle of friends and families are invited.

        For better decisions:

        When a new technological devices become available. Some people buy it right away, while others will wait until many have acquired it. Which do you prefer?

        Regardless of the price, people should buy the products that are made by their own country.

        Being honest is the most important.

        In the modern world, we should never be impolite to another person.

        Compared with people who live in urban areas, those who live in rural areas can take better care of their families.

        Some people like to record their life by sharing pictures and other information on social-networking sites. Others keep this information to themselves and never share it online. Which do you prefer?

        The way a person dresses is a good indication of his/her personality and character.

        重點母題—Why are teachers important? & who can be called a good teacher?

        一句提點:We always find it hard to deny the importance of teachers. After all, we all need to be educated.

        Teachers were more appreciated and valued by the society in the past than nowadays.

        Teachers should assign homework for students every day.

        Teachers should be paid according to the performance of their students.

        The best way to improve the quality of education in a country is to increase teachers’ salaries.

        Teaching is harder than it was in the past.

        重點母題—How to be successful?

        一句提點:The success stories of many men are all evidence to all the given themes!

        Being creative is more important in finding the best solution to a problem than planning carefully.

        It is better to wait in patience than to take action?

        It is better to use one’s own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to get advice from others.

        重點母題—What should children do? Or should I say, what should be done to them?

        一句提點:We all agree that children are the future. But never came the consensus on how to nurture such future. Sure enough, disputes will continue.

        Parents should allow children to make mistakes and let them learn from their own mistakes.

        Parents do not understand their children as well as the parents did 50 years ago.

        Parents should allow children to make their own choices rather than determine their children’s future for them.

        Parents should give money to their children for their high marks at school.

        The best way for parents to teach children about responsibility is to have them care for an animal.

        How should parents spend their time with their children? To play sports or to help them with their study?


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